Where is the parade location?

The parade begins at the Fremont Library, continues north on Paseo Padre Boulevard toward the new "downtown" area of Fremont and ends at Capital Avenue.


Why doesn’t the parade rotate among the historic districts like it used to?

The committee chose a central, static location in 2012. This builds the location as the official parade location and ends the confusion of where the parade will be held annually. This also minimizes city incurred fees for planning and resources. Each year a different historic district will still be focused, showcasing businesses and culture unique to that district.

How is the parade funded?

The Fremont 4th of July Parade Committee, a non-profit organization, plans the parade each year with hundreds of volunteers. The organization is funded entirely by your donations to produce this major event each year that attracts tens of thousands of spectators along beautiful tree lined streets of Fremont. We receive no financial support from the City of Fremont. Budgeting for the parade does include City of Fremont fees that partially include: Police and other City Services, which is about 25% to over 30% of the annual budget increasing significantly annually.

Parts of Stevenson Blvd., Paseo Padre and State Street will be closing as early as 7am on the 4th for booth setup, other logistics, etc. The parade route will begin closing 9 am. Roads will reopen about 12 pm, or at the end of the parade.

You will see the City of Fremont's newest addition to protect event attendees, the Delta Scientific Corp. MP 5000 Portable Event Barricade.

What about road closures?

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You can submit your parade entry all year long, but the cutoff date is typically mid-May. However, you may inquire to see if there are available openings due to drop outs.

How and when do I submit my parade entry?

Fremont made fireworks illegal for various reasons and does not allow fireworks of any kind within the city limits. Other cities may have fireworks, but bring them to Fremont and lighting them is illegal and you will be fined.

Does Fremont support fireworks?


No. Due to the safety of all involved in the parade, entries and spectators, drones are not allowed over the Fremont 4th of July Parade Route or anywhere near. This is requested by the Fremont Department, the City of Fremont and the Fremont 4th of July Parade Committee.

Are Drones Allowed?

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