Groups making a differenct

Fremont began as 5 townships that in 1956 formed our City. Business Associations still work to maintain the vibrancy of those idividual historic districts and along with other organizations make Fremont a great place to live.


Centerville Business & Community Association (CBCA)

Some form of the Centerville Business Association has been meeting since 1909. The organization was formalized as a business association in 1983. Centerville Business Association is a not for profit organization dedicated to promoting the economic and social welfare of the Centerville District of the City of Fremont.


Irvington Business Association (IBA)

The Irvington Business Association exists to foster growth and development in the Irvington District.  By focusing our efforts in our own backyards, we hope that surrounding neighborhoods, communities, districts, and the City at large will benefit from our actions.

MSJCoC Square.jpg

Mission San Jose Chamber of Commerce (MSJCoC)

The Chamber was organized in 1909. Early projects included establishing a free library, rehabilitating the fire department, securing 20 street lights for the town, sponsoring clean-up days, and working to restore the mission


Niles Main Street Association

The Niles Main Street Association is a non-profit, community organization devoted to historic preservation and economic revitalization of the historic commercial and residential Niles district of Fremont, California.


Fremont Chamber of Commerce

Committed to supporting and enhancing a positive business environment, the Fremont Chamber of Commerce is an association of nearly 1,000 businesses who employ over 40,000 people.